Terms and Conditions

Bower Cottage & Bower Above

A 50% deposit secures and confirms a booking and blocks the Bower Cottage Accommodation online availability calendar for those dates.

The balance is due and payable one week prior to your arrival date.
Please see payment options in the main menu.

We reserve the right to unblock the availability calendar and rebook your reservation dates should the balance payment not be forthcoming within seven days of your intended arrival date (we will notify you before we do this though)

If we are advised of your wish to cancel your booking no less than seven days prior to the date of your booking, we will refund your deposit payment, provided that we can rebook your dates. Therefore, it is in your interest to give us the longest possible cancellation notice to rebook these dates. A $35 administration fee will be deducted from all deposit refunds incurred in these circumstances to cover these rebooking costs.

A change of the dates of a booking is treated as, and attracts the same conditions as a cancellation. These conditions are outlined in the paragraph above.

It is a condition of the booking that you do not smoke inside either accommodation. Extra cleaning fees will be charged for the shampooing of carpets and dry cleaning of curtains and soft furnishings, should this condition be ignored. 

It is a condition of our insurance that you do not burn candles while staying. We provide flameless candles for you to use.

Lost Property for a Good Cause!

Bower Cottage Accommodation has now made the fee for the return of forgotten property, a donation to the microfinance website www.kiva.org ... so please check and then double check the premises before leaving. There is a donation/fee of $10 (may be more for larger items) to cover time and expense incurred returning items. 100% of this fee is then donated to the microfinance initiative www.kiva.org which is currently helping to finance four small businesses, one in Afghanistan, one in Cambodia, one in Togo and the other in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you would like to donate more than that, we'll pass it on. When each small loan is paid back we reinvest the money to fund more loans.
By June 2019 we will have funded seventy four $25 loans ($1850). Yes, that's a lot of trips to the post office!

Remember, someone benefits from your forgetfulness!

Bower Cottage Accommodation supports:

Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group
Kiva Microfinance  www.kiva.org
Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre www.banc.org.au